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An exclusive club to redefine how humans interact with technology

Join the Mentalista program to co-develop brain-enabled products and services. We open our technology to a growing community with which we co-build applications that meet the curiosity of users and prepare their future needs.


A maker club made for Industrials, Integrators & Laboratories where we work together to build the future of interactions.

The Mentalista Club was built to meet the challenge of understanding the brain faster. Together, thanks to our varied expertise, we can join forces to go beyond the limits of knowledge about the brain and create new intuitive interfaces that use the brainpower as a source of interaction.

We believe in brain-environment interfaces that can transcend disability, languages, age or gender and aim to improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people. We can build an inclusive interface that is used in the same way on all human beings and overcome the physical and cultural barriers set by existing interfaces like tactile or voice.

Users need effortless devices that adapt to them. Brain-enabled products collect valuable insights to meet this challenge. Brain-environment interfaces pave the way to a more instinctive technology that doesn't need to be learned. A completely new paradigm of interaction allowing two-way communication between the user and the objects. As objects may soon feel our emotions, we are building a frictionless future where technology fades away in favor of reality.

A club to redefine the way humans interact with technology

By 2025, many global markets (health, well-being, communication, smart home, entertainment, sports, banking, industry) will welcome brain environment interfaces and their uses will have an impact on everyone's daily life.

The Mentalista club is the place to explore this technology and find partners to develop future uses and establish a lasting presence in these new markets. Industrials, Laboratories and Integrators can apply to join the club and access our technology. Our team of experts will support you and ensure that you can move forward quickly and efficiently.

The inter-member collaboration is both an opportunity to access public and private calls for projects and financing, and also the opportunity to explore new markets and access unique ressources faster. In exchange, club members participate in its evolution by sharing their use case with other members to globally accelerate the development of the club ecosystem.

A standardized ecosystem to develop applications and break the limits of understanding the brain

By joining the club you will have access to our entire software and hardware ecosystem. It has been developed to be easy to use so that you can start creating mental control or monitoring applications very quickly. From plug & play hardware to software APIs, we bring new core functionalities to accelerate the development of brain-enable products.


This package is made for small companies who want to discover and give a try to brain-environment interfaces. It gives for one user the access to 1 Starter Kit, demos, member’s apps and limited API. By subscribing to this plan, You’ll also have access to the beta app deployment on the store.


This package is made for research laboratories and companies with an R&D project. You will have the choice between 1 Research Kit or 2 Starter Kit. In addition to the Play Package, it gives 3 users access to unlimited API, SDK, hyperscanning functionality, community algorithms and datasets. By subscribing to this plan, You’ll also have access to the alpha app deployment on the store.


This package is made for companies that use our technology to build products. In addition to the Work Package, it gives access for 5 users to the Mental Core EOM Program, 2 Starter Kit and 1 Research Kit, Hyperscanning & Multimodality functionality, deployment of apps in production.

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