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Meet Rosette, the first large-scale hyperscanning board for the brain↔︎environment interfaces

Synchronizing and labeling brainwaves has never been easier. With Mentalista's M03 acquisition board, use hyperscanning to synchronize brainwaves from multiple boards and multimodality to labelize your data by adding to the board video, audio, location and many other data from sensors.


Create brain-enabled products and services, faster and easier than ever before

Mentalista’s M03 is a powerful brainwave acquisition board. Dedicated to brain-environment interfaces, M03 will allow you to collect brain generated data without limitation for the sensor location. Thanks to its multimodality functionality, the board can also synchronize the capture of brainwaves to other sensors like camera, microphone, gps, ect.

M03 also covers social interactions by embedding hyperscanning functionality to synchronize with all other M03 boards in its close environment. Thus, you get perfectly time-stamped brain generated data from all your boards. This feature opens the way for social brain studies as well as multiplayer games and large group interactions.

M03 is made for professionals: researcher, developer, designer. To meet all expectations, we have made no compromises. M03 is easy to use with a plug & play connection, it comes with a software ecosystem with many features and APIs to get the most out of the data. All this while recording with perfect data quality for scientific research.

M03 has no tether and can be used on battery both indoors and outdoors allowing you to measure data anywhere: at home, in the forest, on public transport, underwater or maybe in Antarctica. We can't wait to see how far you'll take our board!

The board can be easily integrated into different types of existing helmets: audio headset, construction helmet, motorcycle helmet, VR headset, pilot helmet, etc. Each designer will take pleasure in integrating it thanks to its small form factor (29.5 x 52 mm) and will even be able to create tailor-made designs according to usage.

Thanks to its versatility you can bring brain-environment interfaces to a slew of uses: health, well-being, disabilities, home automation, communication, entertainment, sport, art, education, ect.

Our board is easy to use and secure-by-design. When you are ready to go into production you can secure the communication protocol and ensure that no one can steal your data. The protection of the data aggregated by our board is our priority. We are committed to providing you with powerful cryptography tools directly embedded to allow you, in turn, to guarantee perfect data security to make your users feel safe.

Our board is versatile and can adapt to different communication protocols (Serial, Bluetooth, Wifi, 5G). M03 natively integrates Low Power Bluetooth and other modes of communication can be added using modules that interface directly with our core.

We have already thought about the following: when you have deployed prototypes to your users, you can remotely update over-the-air the program of your fleet of devices in order to always give your users the best of your know-how.

Are you ready to start developing applications? Join our club to receive your board and connect to our app store to test dozens of demos directly on your browser. Demos will allow you to start developing your own apps with our app sandbox.

Technical details

Real-time biosignals processing (EEG, EMG, ECG, EOG) with our 1 to 16 channels analog-to-digital converter.

Multimodality, improve native functionalities by adding sensors (camera, microphone, GPS…).

Hyperscanning, up to 10 mesh networked electronic boards to collect and synchronize brain waves in real-time.

Secure “Over-the-air” deployment of your programs for easy maintenance.

Compatible with passive, active, dry and gel electrodes.

Verticals. Find out how professionals can use our products

Brain-environment interfaces will transcend the way humans interact with technology. These new devices will first redefine the notion of human control over machines by enabling us to interact instinctively through our brainwaves with the objects around us. These interfaces will also allow our environment to adapt to our behavior by translating our thoughts into unconscious action on the world around us.

Study of brainwaves for scientific research

Our board already helps researchers to start faster in the acquisition of brainwaves. In addition, the hyperscanning functionality allows the study of the social brain as it has never been possible before and the multimodality greatly simplifies the addition of sensors during manipulation.

Real-time processing of brainwaves for industrial applications

Industrials develop applications with our board to enable a greater number of users to handle their products. Thanks to the classification of mental images, we can quickly create a brainwave analysis model and connect it to an existing product to control it by thought.

Design of EEG headsets integrating Mental Core and Mental OS

Industrials also use our board to embed it directly into their future products. Thanks to its small form factor, integration is fast and easy and can lead to a functional prototype in a few days.

Creation of experiments using the brain as a source of interaction

Our board is open to many professionals who will appreciate its easy connection to a browser on a computer, a telephone or a tablet. By using simple languages like javascript our customers can quickly create their own application and publish it on our store.

Monitor brain waves in any situation

Our board can be used indoor and outdoor in many situations such as being equipped on the helmet of a Formula 1 pilot or on the headband of an athlete in training. Its mobility makes it an asset for studying the brain and improving performance.

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