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Mental plugin, collect emotional feedback on your visitors' online journey and improve their customer experience

Futur Case

Problem - Can we further deepen our understanding of the online customer journey, to limit friction between the interface and consumer expectations? Many tools exist to analyze the actions of an internet user but are limited to the analysis of external actions such as mouse movements and clicks, while visitors could be analyzed in terms of reaction and emotion.

Solution - Neuroscience can help us understand online user reactions. Brain-environment interfaces can determine emotional responses along a sales funnel or in reaction to visual elements and teach us about our relationship to the online interface. Mentalista brings the possibility of synchronizing different sensors (eye tracking, heartbeat, etc.) with brainwaves to help us better understand the brain.

Problem - How can we understand the feelings and behaviors of an online visitor?

Despite the availability of various tools to track the actions of visitors, these tools do not provide a better understanding of their underlying motivations and emotions. These tools only provide information about the actions and not about the reasons behind them. The issue is that the current tools are becoming increasingly advanced, but the approach they take is not sufficient to bring a significant change in understanding the online customer experience.

The lack of understanding leads to frustration and dissatisfaction, causing customers to end their online experience. Website analytics tools are needed to deepen this understanding of the customer journey to provide valuable insights into customer behavior, motivation, and pain points to improve the overall user experience and align with the company's strategy.

By understanding the emotional and psychological states of customers, companies can identify and address areas of frustration, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. The analysis of customer reactions and emotions is key to predicting success in the e-commerce industry, and it is crucial for businesses to invest in tools that can provide this level of understanding.

Solution - A browser extension to synchronize brainwaves to website events

Mentalista's solution uses a headset and browser extension to gather data on visitors' emotions and interactions with a website. This allows brands and companies to gain insights into the first impressions of visitors, behavioral reasons for high quit rates, interpretation of session time in terms of positive vs frustrated browsing, and more, in order to improve their website.

The headset is easy to use and requires no calibration, and the website analysis can be done quickly with the addition of the browser plugin, without having to install server-side scripts. Additionally, the solution can be used with test panels for a representative sample of website visitors and the headset can be shipped worldwide to accumulate representative information.

Mentalista's solution allows for the integration of other sensors, such as ECG or eye tracking, with the headset. These additional sensors can be synced with the headset and combined with current analysis tools to provide a more comprehensive understanding of website visitor behavior and emotions.

In summary, Mentalista's technology offers a unique and powerful way for website owners and companies to understand their visitors and improve their online presence. By utilizing a headset and browser extension to gather data on visitors' emotions and interactions, it provides valuable insights that can be used for A/B testing, fine-tuning, and real-time adjustments.

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