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Mental Store, the app store to showcase the future of human interactions

Access tutorials, examples, and member-developed apps to get started with brain-environment interfaces. When you are ready, showcase your solutions.

The Mental Store

The app store dedicated to mental apps that lets you develop your own solutions

Getting started in brain-environment interfaces might seem complicated. With the Mental Store, Mentalista has imagined a platform to help you get started quickly. In the Mental Store you will find demonstrations to understand how brainwave processing works and how to use each feature of our dev kits. The store is also a place for training where you will find tutorials to understand step by step how to analyze the brain. At last, you will find applications developed by members of our club.

On the Mental Store you will find more than 50 applications to help you get started with connecting your board over bluetooth or wifi, analyze the data with a timeseries, FFT, spectrogram, machine learning algorithms, create a mental image or simply analyze the concentration or focus.

As part of an educational logic and to demonstrate the potential of our technology most of the app source code is freely accessible so you can start creating your apps with a strong base. These are easy-to-use programs that allow you to familiarize yourself with the environment so that you can produce your future use cases.

Levitation, code example

The Mental Store is only available for Mentalista Club members and their final customers. This exclusivity allows us to support each project and to be sure that only companies and laboratories committed to improving the understanding of the brain support us. As ethics is our priority, each project is carefully studied.

Once in the club, you will be guided to create your first applications with the Mentalista team. The process is simple: submit your project to join the club, develop your application, publish it on our store and get feedback from all members. After this beta phase, you will be able to open your applications to your end customers. The launch of your first application can take less than a month. You can develop several applications in parallel according to your use cases.

Youtube, code example

Application. Find out the demos you can try before you start developing

The Mental Store is accessible from the web on a computer, tablet or smartphone. You will discover applications that immerse you in the universe of brain-environment interfaces and other demos that combine mental interaction with metaverses, blockchain, VR, AR, IoT, 3D Printing, etc.

Getting started - Multiple widgets

This interface enables users to easily view and analyze their data using a variety of different widget types.

Getting started - Multiple widgets

Hyperscanning - Multi-streams

The Multi-streams Interface allows users to connect multiple dev kits, allowing the comparison of multiple brainwaves streams.

Hyperscanning - Multi-streams

Metaverse - Projet Lévitation

In this interface, users are able to control a virtual cube with their thoughts. The cube is suspended in mid-air and can be moved up by the user focusing their attention on the cube.

Metaverse - Projet Lévitation

Mental Image - Say Hello!

A real-time mental image classifier to allow a user to say hello by the thought just by imagining saying it.

Mental Image - Say Hello!

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